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West Palm Beach -FL



AUD miniDV>

Great menu

Some extras (Atlanta '01+)


Reported source: Sony TRV19 +Sony TRV22, handheld-->dvd

This is one of the best audience shot dvd's. Its got a 2cam mix and has got some great menus and extras.

Missing 3 songs.


dvd cover

dvd cover

screen captures



01 2+2=5 (missing)
02 sit down. stand up (missing)
03 where i end and you begin (missing)

04 lucky
05 backdrifts
06 go to sleep
07 just
08 talk show host
09 paranoid android
10 sail to the moon
11 a punch up at a wedding
12 airbag*
13 morning bell
14 you and whose army?*
15 the gloaming
16 idioteque
17 there there

Encore #1:

18 we suck young blood*
19 national anthem
20 a wolf at the door*
21 street spirit

Encore #2:

22 karma police
23 everything in its right place