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Nimes, France




AUD miniDV >

Complete Divx version from mini-dv


This is the DIVX version. There is another version filmed from IN the pit but video is granier (vhs source) and the sound is worse. This is filmed from the balcony and is quite nice for an audience recording. I think this one is quite nice for an audience recording. Great setlist.
Nice Menu and chapters.

front cover
screen captures



01 there there
02 2+2=5
03 lucky
04 talk show host
05 scatterbrain
06 national anthem
07 backdrifts
08 sail to the moon
09 kid a
10 my iron lung
11 no surprises
12 go to sleep
13 where i end and you begin
14 exit music
15 paranoid android
16 idioteque
17 after the gold rush*/everything in it's right place

encore #1:

18 i will*
19 the gloaming
20 bones*
21 the tourist*

encore #2:

22 sit down. stand up
23 karma police

encore #3:

24 fake plastic trees