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Salamanca, Spain




AUD miniDV>

1hr incomplete, Chester audio, great video

1hr incomplete-rest of footage not shown was unusable, great Chester audio source, great video w/good closeups. Earliest HTTT video available. gaps betwen songs.


Audience shot DV>[Firewire]Windows Movie Maker (avi)>TGMPGEnc 2.5odd>.mpg burnt to DVD (as data)>Authored using TGMPGEnc DVD Author 720x576, 25fps ABR 7800kbits/sec Audio Source: Unknown DV>[Firewire]Windows Movie Maker (avi)>TGMPGEnc 2.5odd>.wav burnt to DVD (as data)>Cool Edit Pro to remove clicks>TGMPGEnc DVD Author 48000 Hz Linear PCM

01. There There
Wolf at the door , Wicked Child ,Myxamatosis , Sail to the moon , Punch Up at a wedding , Sit Down, Stand Up
02. Climbing up the Walls
03. The National Anthem
04. Morning Bell
05. Fake Plastic Trees
06. In Limbo
07. Lucky
Dollars and cents
08. My Iron Lung
09. Idioteque
10. Everything in it's Right Place
Like Spinning Plates
11. 2 + 2 = 5
12. I Might Be Wrong
Pyramid Song Encore , Paranoid Android ,The Tourist