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Glastonbury Festival, UK



Proshot VHS(1)>

Short proshot but with 17 tracks of audio/slides


The audio is done sort of as a slideshow, separate from the video. Audio and a still picture of the gig on screen which changes every couple of minutes. Although the video is vhs sourced, it's surprisingly good when compared to most recordings(VHS sourced I assume) of that era.


Here's the what's on the video:
1. Paranoid Android
2. Karma police
3. Creep
4. Climbing up the walls
5. No surprises
6. Talk show host
7. Bones
8. Just

as well as the audio for:
1. Planet telex
2. Exit music
3. The Bends
4. (Nice dream)
5. Paranoid android
6. Karma police
7. Creep
8. Climbing up the walls
9. No surprises
10. Talk show host
11. Bones
12. Just
13. Fake plastic trees
14. You
15. The tourist
16. High and dry
17. Street spirit