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Lupo's Gig, Providence, RI



AUD (?)

Torrent seed quotes:

"Single fan-cam & cam audio by the sound of it. Totally unkown source, but probably the best Radiohead DVD i've come across. Excellent video & audio transfer/quality.

There's an hour of blue screen at the end of this. "

screen captures
dvd cover

Track Listing

1. The Bends
2. Just
3. Anyone can play guitar
4. Bones
5. High and Dry
6. Permanent Daylight *
7. Prove Yourself
8. Fake Plastic Trees
9. Street Spirit (fade out)
10. Planet Telex
11. Creep
12. My Iron Lung
13. YOU
14. BulletProof (I wish I was)
15. Stop Whispering