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R.E.M. DVD's

I need to double check most of the setlists and verify


PINK POP FEST 05/15/89 -B+
Orange Crush
World Leader Pretend
Get Up
End of the World as We Know It

Rest do have some digiburps B to B+
TOTP date?
Moon river/Pretty Persuasion

Grey Whistle Test date?
Old Man Kensey (unreleased)

Jools? date?
Driver 8
Can't Get There From Here


REM 06/09/84 DVD(1) A-/B+ Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ PRO (VHS (1)>) 65 min


Pale Blue Eyes, Second Guessing, Hyen,a Letter Never Sent, Harborcoa, Seven Chinese Brother,s Pretty Persuasion, So. Central Rai,n Gardening At Night, 9-9, Windout, Old Man Kensey, Sitting Still, Driver 8, Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars,) Radio Free Europe, Little America

REM 10/02/85 DVD(1) A Zeche Bochum, Rockpalast
Looks like the entie setlist

Feeling Gravity's Pull, Harborcoat, Sitting Still, Maps and Legends, Fall On Me, Green Grow the Rushes, Driver 8, Hyena, So. Central Rain, Have You Ever Seen the Rain?, Can't Get There From Here, King of the Road, Seven Chinese Brothers, Auctioneer (Another Engine), Old Man Kensey, Little America, Pretty Persuasion, Theme From Two Steps Onward, Toys in the Attic, See No Evil, Second Guessing, Ghostriders in the Sky, (Don't Go Back To) Rockville, We Walk, Falling In Love Again, Behind Closed Doors, Paint it Black

REM 10/07/85 DVD(1) A Munich, Alabamahalle, Germany DVD 40 min low gen


Will find setlist if possible

REM 01/13/01 DVD(1)A Rio, Brazil 104 min (PRO>DBCAST>)
Has 10 min introduction before concert.


01. Finest Worksong 02. What's the Frequency Kenneth? 03. Fall On Me 04. The Wake-Up Bomb 05. Daysleeper 06. The Great Beyond 07. She Just Wants To Be* 08. Stand 09. So. Central Rain 10. At My Most Beautiful 11. The Lifting* 12. The One I love 13. Find The River 14. Losing My Religion 15. Walk Unafraid 16. Man On The Moon 17. Everybody Hurts 18. Pop song '89 19. It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

REM 07/19/03 DVD(1) A Bowling Green, Wiesbaden, Germany 55m (Dig TV > DVD) P
AL (only part of the show)


Begin the begin, Animal, The great beyond, Bad day, The One I love, All the way to Reno, Orange crush, Losing my religion, Electrolite, Everybody hurts, Imitation of life, It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

R.E.M. DVD(1) A (Dig TV > DVD) 06/27/03 Glastonbury Festival BBC Digital TV Broadcast 40min; 07/19/03 Wiesbaden Premiere PPV Digital Satellite TV Broadcast 53min; 10/02/03 Late Show With David Letterman NTSC TV Broadcast to PAL 5min; 10/14/03 Later With Jools Holland ( Broadcast date 17.10.03 ) BBC TV Broadcast 21min; 10/23/03 Köln TV Total Digital Satellite TV Broadcast 13min; 10/28/03 The Tonight Show With Jay Leno NTSC TV Broadcast to PAL 7min

Menu and chapters. all digital television but sync is off on Glasto.


see above for setlist/ 7/1903 is same as above

REM 09/09/03 DVD(1) A In the Studio DigTV>

see screencap above for setlist

FYI Personal Collection-My Original VHS>DVD (Succumbs, TimePiece, Pop Screen, This Film is On, Tourfilm)